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18.11.11 - 24.11.11


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Robert Sturua

Rustaveli Theatre

“I would say the newspaper is the most difficult type of journalism. A lot of work has to be done in a short period of time, all at once, including articles, layout, and publishing. Moreover, all this should be of high quality and requires advanced professionalism. Generally, I am not a regular newspaper reader, but as for Georgia Today, I mostly read it in the airplane. Iwould like to thank you for such excellent cooperation. The newspaper visually is very attractive and I believe it will become better. Continue the same way, you are doing a great job, you work well and you have the right direction. English-language newspapers are published in almost all countries of the world, even in such non-English-language countries like Israel, Argentina, and Germany. Therefore, this direction is very important, especially in Georgia. The rest is up to you. I hope that through your newspaper, more people learn how rich and beautiful the culture of our nation is.

”Robert Sturua, the veteran star and a legend of Georgia’s cultural life, has been with the theatre since 1962, and Artistic Director since 1980. There is hardly an end to his achievements. He has staged over 100 plays all over the world including the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Israel and former Czechoslovakia, and worked with such stars as e.g. Russia’s Konstantin Raikin and Alexander Kolagin, and Georgia’s Gogi Aleksimeskhishvili, Mirian Shkhvelidze and Gia Khancheli, to name just a few. Classified in the top ten of Shakespeare producers, there is no need to say where his literary enjoyment stems from. His other favorites comprise Brecht, and recently Beckett. The mere fact that he has also tried his luck at opera, both modern and classical, labels him a pretty multidimensional character.

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