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18.11.11 - 24.11.11


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Betsy Haskell

American Design

“Many, many congratulations on your 6th anniversary. I've been reading Georgia Today since the first issue and always find it interesting and informative. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort that the staff of Georgia Today puts into making it such a great paper. And, it's fun to read as well. My wishes for the next six years include wanting more information on interesting things to do in Tbilisi, new shops and what they carry, new restaurants and what they serve that's special, their ambiance and service, and new interesting people in town. Many thanks again to all the staff at Georgia Today and look forward to hope to send another message on its 12th anniversary.”

Betsy Haskell, former owner of Betsy's Hotel, currently owns American Design, which helps home owners achieve beautiful interiors and gardens. She is an active member of AmCham, and a permanent resident of Tbilisi with her own house and garden in Bagebi.

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