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18.11.11 - 24.11.11


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Tony O'Malley


My thoughts of Georgia Today on your birthday is just Happy Birthday, you are six years old, as old as my kids. I have performed for Kids Today actually for free, which I often do here. I wish all the best for the future of this great newspaper. And of course I look forward to further cooperation. My family and I have fallen in love with Tbilisi and Georgia, beautiful country. And I wish we could get this newspaper everywhere around the town. You have to go to the special stores to get it. I think it would be more beneficiary if Georgia Today got wider distribution and it would be possible to simply go down the market or shop and get one, I enjoy reading it very much.

A very remarkable Musician, if you have seen him perform once, you remember always. Stepped his foot on Georgia on Independence Day in 2004 with wife Femke and twin boys Patrick and Joseph, Georgia needed no further introduction to his family after such important day celebrations seen from his hotel windows. Today he is happily playing in the Big Band, performing in several classy clubs, learning Georgian songs and speech.

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