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18.11.11 - 24.11.11


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Henry Kuprashvili

political scientist

Georgia Today is so distinguished by its elegant design and range of colors that even the first acquaintance with it, the first touch raises pleasant emotions, as if a certain warmth is coming from it, something I can’t say about other English-language newspapers. Georgia Today is also distinguished by the variety of topics it covers. It gives foreigners information about Georgia’s cultural heritage with taste and delicacy. This is first of all owing to a high quality staff and editorial board. Overall, Georgia Today leaves the impression of a very solid newspaper. It is definitely a positive element of Georgian mass media. I congratulate Georgia Today on its sixth birthday. Few newspapers have endured the period of political and economic cataclysms in this country, and six years here is equal to more time in an organized country.”

Henry, dubbed the “Dolphin Man” by CNN, earned the moniker after he swam across the Dardanelles with hands and legs tied in only three and a quarter hours on August 30, 2002. He brought two new styles of swimming to the world – “Ordinary Kolkhuri” (sports style) and “Tied Kolkhuri” (military-training style). At the moment the Hero of the Dardanelles is preparing for a new record, saying that this July he will conquer Bosporus the same way.

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