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Ukraine refuses Georgian observers

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Author: Nina Akhmeteli

The refusal of the Ukrainian Central Election Commission to register over 2,000 Georgian observers for presidential elections is an unprecedented international scandal, Oleg Bilorus, chair of the parliamentary committee for foreign affairs and head of the Verkhovna Rada delegation in the OSCE Parliamentary Committee said.

The central election commission refused to register international observers from Georgia on January 11- a deadline for registering the international election watchdogs.

According to information agency Unian he addressed Ukrainian President, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Prosecutor General and High Administrative Court with a request to give an appropriate estimation to decision of the CEC that refused to register 2011 Georgian observers. He also appealed to chair of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and OSCE General Secretary asking for response.

“The unprecedented international scandal happened in Ukraine. CEC refused to register 2011 observers from Georgia. All documents of the Georgian delegation were handed over to CEC timely and prepared timely by CEC apparatus for the session,” Bilorus said.

Belorus assessed the decision of the central commission as political violating the international standards and threatens the good relations between two countries. He stressed that the Ukrainian observers instead faced no problems with registration in Georgia.

“There were no legal problems some formal issues were caused by only 11 applications. Despite it majority of CEC that is represented by Party of Regions cynically claimed that they have not had time to be introduced with the documents. This decision is political, this decision is provocative,” he said.

Meanwhile Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine Grigol Katamadze told Unian that he is surprised by the decision but there is no official response from the commission explaining the reasons of the refusal.

Ukrainian central election commission registered over 3,000 international observers for the presidential elections that are scheduled to be held in Ukraine on January 17, 2010. For observing the elections in Ukraine will arrive over 450 official observers from the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations [ENEMO].

The International Society of Fair Elections and Democracy that is ENEMO member based in Georgia has already sent its 6 Long Term Observers to observe January 17, 2010 Presidential Elections in Ukraine. For Election Day Observation, organization's 26 representatives will arrive in Ukraine on January 14, as the Short Term Observers. 

Georgia Today was told at ISFED that their observers have not faced any problems as their representatives will monitor elections within the frames of European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations' (ENEMO) mission.

12 January Tue 2010, 21:48:09

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