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Governmental session held in Gori

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Author: Natalie Mchedlishvili

The first session of the government in 2010 was held in Gori today. The Ministers summed up the work of their institutions once more and reported the action plans and projects for the coming year.

Lado Vardzelashvili, the governor of the Shida Kartli region reported details of the projects in the region that will be carried out this year.

Under the initiative of the Prime Minister Nika Gilauri, the tradition of governmental sessions held in various regions will continue and the ministerial cabinet arranged the first meeting symbolically in Gori. According to the initiative this year the first three months will carry out presentations of the governors from different regions. Despite the problematic issues of the Shida Kartli region for the last two years, Vardzelashvili widely spoke about vital issues for the 2010.

“It’s symbolic that we are holding our first session in Gori and I would like to let you know that this tradition will definitely continue during the year,” stated Gilauri at the opening of the session. He said the government would spend approximately 25 million lari in the Shida Kartli region this year. The Prime Minister listed priorities of the rehabilitation process including road infrastructure, street lighting, water systems, roofs of the houses and school buildings.

“Holding the governmental session in Gori is extremely important for this region especially the city itself. We presented all the projects that were implemented during the last year and the most significant ventures that should be executed,” stated Vardzelashvili.

Approximately 10 000 houses were reconstructed in the conflict region last year and 300 are left where the government plans to end the rehabilitation process until the end of January.

As for the plans for 2010, the government has already arranged underground communications and infrastructure as prior projects for implementation. Moreover, Vardzelashvili asked Energy and Healthcare Ministers to provide frequent gasification and involve those 2000 families, who have lost living conditions, in social projects. As a matter of fact, the both ministers agreed to satisfy the families.

“These villages will be prior in the Presidential program “Gas in every Village,” and the families will receive gas for the winter season of the next year,” stated Alexander Khetaguri, the Energy Minister.

The government discussed 65 issues at the session including implementation of agricultural and social projects.

12 January Tue 2010, 21:47:16

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