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EU names project winners

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Author: Liene Veide

European Union to Georgia Delegation Head Ambassador Per Eklund named 20 Georgian and European NGOs which will be granted different projects on Jan.12.

The total amount of money EU is allocating to those projects is 2.1 million Euro.

“The EU is funding those projects to strengthen civil society, NGOs and non-state actors, which is of course very important part of a democratic society which is a bit underdeveloped in Georgia,” Eklund told Georgia Today.

“Per invested Euro in those projects we can get so many good results, engaging so many grassroots really benefiting people and improving their situation of life.”

Eklund added that a 100-thousand Euro project has a bigger impact on an individual than perhaps projects worth millions.

All projects will be implemented under two main programs: Non-State actors and Local Authorities in Development (NSA/LA) with grants over 1,120,000 Euro and the European Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy (EIDHR) with grants exceeding 975,000 Euro.

The 20 selected NGOs will focus on supporting investigative journalism, improving educational opportunities for minorities and IDPs; supporting juvenile justice reform, supporting the establishment of day care centers for vulnerable children, developing a mechanism for social dialogue and helping communities to improve their agricultural management.

“Those small projects financed by the EU are extremely valuable because they have a direct impact on the lives of people at community level. Often the results of small projects have more direct visibility for people on local level,” Helga Pender, EU Delegation to Georgia project manager, told Georgia Today.

Pender expressed her confidence in the EU, saying that “it really makes a difference in people’s lives.” 

12 January Tue 2010, 20:54:41

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