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Georgian Tourism Association presents results of last year’s project

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Author: Liene Veide

The Georgian Tourism Association presented the results of the “Sustainable Tourism Development in Protected Areas of Georgia” project on Jan.11.  

The project was supported by BP on behalf of its oil and gas co-partners and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation. It was carried out together with the Agency of Protected Areas (APA).

In the frames of the project several workshops were carried out. “Local products for sustainable tourism in Mtirala National Park, Algeti National Park and Vashlovani national park” was one of them.

Also, school camps were organized in the Algeti, Vashlovani and Lagodekhi National parks.

Picnic areas, toilet facilities, garbage containers, road signs, explanatory boards and informational desks were built in the Algeti National park.

The constructions were very important because before there was no infrastructure in the Algeti National park,” Nata Kvachantiradze, director of the Georgian Tourism Association, told Georgia Today.

According to Kvachantiradze, the project lasted seven months and the total cost was $60,000.

Different maps, brochures and photos were printed.

Kvachantiradze added that videos were shot for the department’s international affairs.

“Such kind of project is also planned for this year, in cooperation with the Eurasia Partnership Foundation,” Kvachantiradze told Georgia Today.

Agency of Protected Areas Chairman Giorgi Shovnadze told Georgia Today that such projects are planned not only for this year but also for 2011.

“Such projects are very important for the development of tourism in Georgia,” Shovnadze said. 

12 January Tue 2010, 12:34:07

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