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22.05.15 - 28.05.15


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IDPs at school #96 complain about the lack of food and normal living conditions however the humanitarian aids are continuing

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The humanitarian assistance in the form of construction materials were taken in six trucks to Gori, Zugdidi and Poti, all towns were buildings in need of repair following the war. The company London House gave provided this aid to the local government of these cities which will distribute the materials to those families in dire need of this kind of assistance. According to Revaz Davitashvili, the manager of London House, the assistance consists of construction materials for repairing buildings and furniture for those families who have lost family members during the war.
Dereck Pickup, Henbury Executive Member for Children and Young People, said that London House is delivering 100,000 USD worth of goods. “We are providing these cities with building materials. The police station in Zugdidi needs to be rebuilt and also the school in Poti.  Houses in Gori also are in need if rebuilding or repairing,“ claimed Pickup.
In addition to the representatives of London House, Georgian MP, Rusudan Kervalishvili, the vice-speaker of Georgian Parliament and Koba Subeliani, Georgian MP, were also present. 
Koba Subeliani claimed that the fact that Georgian society and business sector is involved in the resolution of the problems associated with the IDPs is “equal to the victory over Russia.”

“Not only the government, but also Georgian society is completely involved in alleviating the conditions of those people who are homeless or whose suffered damage. This is a common pain. Russia’s goal was to divide Georgians, however it didn't achieve it,” said Subeliani before  his departure to Gori to bring the construction materials for the IDPs.
While speaking with Subeliani in Tbilisi, in front of London House, IDP women who live nearby at School #96, stopped by. Nana Koliashvili, one of the IDPs living at the school, claimed that they haven't received any beds from the government.

“158 people who live at this school don't have any beds and we only received green beans, macaroons, rice, oil and empty gas tanks; that’s why we could not cook the food for the children and then we, who had the opportunity, brought electric ovens from our relatives,” said Koliashvili.

Among the 158 IDPs are 25 children between the ages of 2 and 15. Koliashvili also added that for 25 days these IDPs have only eaten daily rations of bread. Subeliani promised the IDPs that as soon as there will be beds they will provide them. However, the IDPs responded that they have already seen the distribution of beds on TV.

23 September Tue 2008, 19:54:26

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