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President's address receives opposing response

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Today David Usupashvili, a leader in the Georgian Republican Party, responded to President Mikhail Saakashvili’s September 16’s address to the country. Usupashvili stated that Saakashvil's comments about the need for democracy is good, however he added that those initiatives are not being implemented with Georgia's true realities in mind.

“These are cosmetic changes and they are not in accordance with the issues of the democratic societies,” said Usupashvili.

Mikhail Saakashvili, the President of Georgia, claimed in his address that he wants to implement changes to the Constitutional. According to the President, funding for opposition parties will increase and a newly elected parliament will legitimize the government. Saakashvili also indicated that the mandates of those MPs who had denied their position out of protest would be restored.  
The Republican Party of Georgia claims that the only way out of the current crisis are early parliamentary elections.
“We are asking our European partners and also the OSCE to support us in this initiative. The legislation of elections should be changed, and also the entire administration of the Central Election Commission needs changing,” said Levan Berdzenishvili, a leaders of the Republican Party. According to Berdzenishvili, the elections should be in cooperation with the European Union and the OSCE’s assistance otherwise there is no chance for democratic elections.
Another opposition party that is demanding that parliamentary elections take place no later than spring 2009 is the Movement for a United Georgia. Eka Beselia, a leader within the party, claimed that a new code for elections should be adopted.
Both opposition parties say that an investigatory commission should be created which will investigate the events of August 2008.

“The investigation should clarify if there was a crime and violation of the law and which state officials are responsible for this,” added Beselia.

17 September Wed 2008, 20:31:31

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