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22.05.15 - 28.05.15


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New numbers of lives claimed

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The war between Georgia and Russia have claimed the lives of a total of 370 persons on the Georgian side, officially claimed the Georgian Minister of Health and the Georgian Minister of Defense on September 15.

188 civilians are deceased. We received this information from the local governments at the center of the conflict, said Alexander Kvitashvili, the Georgian Minister of Health. He claimed that the victims suffered bodily injuries and burns caused from multiple firearms. According to Kvitashvili, the victims have already been identified.

Despite this, 44 deceased soldiers out of 154 have yet to be identified, said Batu Kutelia, Deputy Minister of Defense. He claimed that in total there are 168 soldiers dead, while 154 have been removed from the conflict zone.
Eka Zguladze, the Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, stated that 14 people from the Ministry of Interior Affairs were killed during the war, and that over the last two days, two people, Tsotniashvili and Gulordava, were killed in Ganmukhuri and Karaleti. Zguladze added that six people are missing.
According to the Ria-Novosti, the Russian Committee of the Prosecutor claims 137 people died during the war between Georgia and Russia. According to the same source, this is the number of victims that have been registered officially. However, the Public Commission of Investigation claimed that the number is 311. The Ossetian website, Osetinfo, also claims that 311 dies during the war with South Ossetia. Human Rights Watch has stated that they are unable to provide an exact number at the moment.

16 September Tue 2008, 19:39:46

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