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22.05.15 - 28.05.15


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In this section you can download any issue of Georgia Today in PDF format beginning from 09.03.2006.
The PDF format of Georgia Today is an exact copy of the paper version of Georgia Today and can be printed on any high level or laser jet printer.
If you want to view or print the PDF file, you need the program Adobe Reader(TM). If you do not have this program, you can download it here for free.


Page 1 - First Page

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_01.pdf

File Size: 239.49 Kb.

Page 2 - Politics

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_02.pdf

File Size: 124.99 Kb.

Page 3 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_03.pdf

File Size: 184.03 Kb.

Page 4 - Economy

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_04.pdf

File Size: 233.23 Kb.

Page 5 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_05.pdf

File Size: 116.51 Kb.

Page 6 - Economy

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_06.pdf

File Size: 121.51 Kb.

Page 7 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_07.pdf

File Size: 99.85 Kb.

Page 8 - Politics

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_08.pdf

File Size: 100 Kb.

Page 9 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_09.pdf

File Size: 221.49 Kb.

Page 10 - Society

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_10.pdf

File Size: 169.37 Kb.

Page 11 - Business

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_11.pdf

File Size: 207.04 Kb.

Page 12 - Business

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_12.pdf

File Size: 170.42 Kb.

Page 13 - Business

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_13.pdf

File Size: 156.06 Kb.

Page 14 - Business

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_14.pdf

File Size: 161.85 Kb.

Page 15 - Society

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_15.pdf

File Size: 141.9 Kb.

Page 16 - Business

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_16.pdf

File Size: 171.04 Kb.

Page 17 - Culture

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_17.pdf

File Size: 160.75 Kb.

Page 18 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_18.pdf

File Size: 129.59 Kb.

Page 19 - Culture

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_19.pdf

File Size: 117.64 Kb.

Page 20 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_20.pdf

File Size: 182.61 Kb.

Page 21 - Society

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_21.pdf

File Size: 183.22 Kb.

Page 22 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_22.pdf

File Size: 197.32 Kb.

Page 23 - Sports

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_23.pdf

File Size: 208.66 Kb.

Page 24 - Advertisement

File Name: 22.05.2015_issue767_24.pdf

File Size: 337.47 Kb.

All rights for placing materials here are reserved to Ltd Newspaper "Georgia Today". Unauthorized commercial circulation and replication of PDF-files as well as printouts or any other copies appurtenant to the rightholder are restricted.

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