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22.05.15 - 28.05.15


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With the Support of “Siemens” Georgian Electrical Engineering Company “Insta” Expands its Production

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On May 15 th 2015 exhibition Center “Expo Georgia” hosted an event, during which one of the largest German companies Siemens and Georgian Electrical Engineering Company Insta held a joint presentation on medium voltage switchgear. Representatives of Siemens were among the visitors to Georgia who talked about the medium voltage switchgear, whereupon the presentation of the local partner companies and local products followed. Main focus of the presentation was the cooperation between Siemens and Insta on this topic, leading to the development of a new partnership. At the Presentation, Insta in details showcased a medium voltage switchgear test model equipped with Siemens components and its functions. Founded 17 years ago, Insta has become one of the most successful companies in the Georgian market. The company specializes in design and installation of electrical, telecommunication and fire alarm systems, providing also industrial and building automation concepts, programming, commissioning and proper maintenance service. Insta team is comprised of dedicated professionals - a total of 100 qualified and certified employees, performing works in compliance with European standards and technologies. Siemens and Insta collaboration in terms of technological and energy infrastructure development could be beneficial for the country. Insta constantly shares partner companies experience in order to provide innovative and quality products for its customers.

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On May 16 the first five-star hotel-Rixos Borjomi presentation was held for media and a number of Georgian businessmen

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Rixos Borjomi hotel was built through the joint investment of The Partnership Fund of Georgia and Kazakhstan.

The total cost of the project was $38.5 million, of which 50% came from The Partnership Fund of Georgia.

Rixos is located in the heart of the Likhani area and is 177 km away from Tbilisi and the international airport.

The Hotel is 9 storeys tall and houses 151 comfortable rooms plus auxiliary buildings. The complex also includes a restaurant, cafe-bar, conference facilities, playground and tennis court, spa, gym, swimming pool, as well as a children’s entertainment center called Rixi Club.

Owing to the region’s famous reputation for its mineral waters, the hotel is distinguished from others in the Rixos chain by its therapeutic baths and showers.

The famous Romanov Summer Palace also resides on the territory of the Rixos Hotel Borjomi, a very well-known attraction testifying once more to the curative capability of these waters from the oldest times. Today, this wonderful park sustains this luxury building with its exceptional five-star deluxe facilities and an undoubtedly well-equipped Health Center.

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Federal Jury Sentences Dzhokar Tsarnaev to Death

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Author:  Joseph Larsen

The State of Massachusetts abolished the death penalty in 1984. But while the State may no longer execute people, its residents can still be handed down the sentence. Dzhokar Tsarnaev, an American citizen born in Kyrgyzstan, raised in the Boston suburb of Cambridge and guilty (along with his elder brother Tamerlan) of the infamous 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, has been sentenced to death by a federal jury.

The 21-year old was found guilty of setting off two homemade bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring at least 260 – as well as the shooting of Sean Collier, a 27-year old campus policeman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tsarnaev was tried in a federal court because, despite the crime being planned and carried out in Massachusetts, the authorities deemed it a crime against the United States rather than against Massachusetts.

Dzhokar’s elder brother Tamerlan was 26 at the time of the attack, and was killed in a shootout with police on 18 April 2013, days after the Boston Marathon. Dzhokar escaped but was found the next day hiding in a boat. The younger brother was found guilty of 30 charges ranging from murder to conspiracy to using weapons of mass destruction. Six of the 30 charges were eligible for the death sentence.

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Gori Marches for Georgia’s Dignity

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Author:  Zviad Adzinbaia

On 19 May, a group of Georgian non-governmental organizations organized a counter-action in response to a rally held in Gori on May 9, calling on people to support Russia’s Eurasian Union.

The counter-action, entitled Gori for Georgia’s Dignity, involved thousands of civilians region-wide, centering around one idea: No to Russia’s Eurasian Union.

There have always been questions as to how the Soviet legacy has affected Gori, the town in which the dictator Joseph Stalin was born. Some people from previous generations believe that Gori should be a symbol of the Soviet Empire and the town should retain the Stalin museum and re-erect the statue which was removed by Saakashvili’s government after the war in August 2008.

However, younger generations who are mostly Western-oriented perceive Stalin as contrary to Georgia’s independence and statehood and do not celebrate this inheritance, which ultimately resulted in the occupation of two regions of Georgia by Russian troops.

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Interview with Rainer Kaufmann: Etseri, Svaneti

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Author:  Tony Hanmer

Mr Kaufmann was the driver for a family of three other Germans visiting our guest house a short while ago. He has been in Georgia since its end days as a Soviet state, and I was glad for the chance to get to know him a bit better during his stay. One anecdote he offered was that the same now-deceased Svans who had protected me during my early visits to Svaneti, in the lawless pre-Saakashvili years, had tried many times (without success) to rob him as he passed through Etseri!

Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself—where you are from; when, how and why you first got interested in Georgia, how you first visited.

A: I’m a German TV journalist. During New Year 1989/1990 I accompanied a pupil exchange from my hometown with Tbilisi 6th school, the then so-called “German School”. It was during the Soviet time and very impressive, especially because almost nobody believed in the future of the communist system. A country on its way to independence and freedom.

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Georgian Film Succeeds at International Film Festival in Rome

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Author:  Nino Melikishvili

A Georgian film, Invisible Spaces, directed by Georgian film director Dea Kulumbegashvili won the Best International Short Film Award at the Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) held in Italy on May 7-15. Movies from more than 40 countries were participating in this Festival.

Invisible Spaces in an intimate glimpse into the world where family hierarchy and the place of woman are uncontested,” stated the RIFF website.

Invisible Spaces was the first film in the history of independent Georgia to participate in the Cannes International Film Festival.

The minimalist 10-minute drama tells the story of a seemingly calm family morning that falls apart to reveal hidden tensions. It shows the barriers in which a priest husband holds his infuriate wife confined, which creates the ‘invisible space.’

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World Vision’s Day Care Centre Supports Vulnerable parents

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Author:  Tatia Megeneishvili

World Vision established a Day Care Centre for Vulnerable Infants in order to support vulnerable children and their mothers though the Family Strengthening and Prevention service, in 2011.

This service provides a range of support which ensures highly vulnerable parents have the skills and resources necessary to care for their young children and prevent them from entering the state care system.

The provision of a Day Care Centre for infants from 0-3 is the only service of this type in Georgia. The Centre allows single parents who lack extended family support to leave infants in quality care while they pursue income-generating activities.

Vulnerable parents, especially young mothers, are simultaneously provided with assistance in microenterprise development, vocational trainings, and tailored job placement opportunities.

Additional special medical and psychological services are provided where necessary. 162 parents and 230 children have benefitted from these services. Parents are equipped to care, protect and better provide for their children.

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