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30.12.11 - 12.01.12


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Natakhtari: With you the whole year!

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January 15 – New video ad and campaign from Natakhtari with the participation of Niaz Diasamidze and his friends: “We are together, this is what matters, so what that it’s winter…”

February 23 Natakhtari Karva became a sponsor of the Georgian Basketball Federation and a national team. Respective memorandum was signed by Besik Liparteliani, the President of the Georgian Basketball Federation and Tornike Nikolaishvili, Natakhtari’s Marketing Manager.

February 26 - a game between the Georgian and Portuguese national rugby teams was held. During the match, fans supported their national team at the Sports Cafй. This event was organized by Natakhtari Kasri Beer, the Rugby Fan Club and the Georgian Rugby Union. Some interesting quizzes and contest in beer drinking were held before the match.

March 7 – 20 - Natakhtari Kasri Beer launched the tradition of supporting sports teams. Notwithstanding, win or lose, fans met Georgian rugby players at the airport. Before the game against the Romanian team, Georgian sports fans met members of the national team at dawn in the airport. Fans organized a ceremonial meeting for the team after the game with Russia.

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Princess Diana’s Enduring Enthrallment with Luxury Watches

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Author:  By A D Paul

Princess Diana, people’s Princess and a candle in the wind is one of the most fascinating persons of the enchanting world of glitter and glamour. The adage from Shakespeare, apparel oft proclaims the man is no where more true than in the case of the Princess who stole the heart of everyone during our time when the only kings and queens that the world recognizes live in a pack of cards.

The grace, majesty and the tidiness of her mellowed style is perfected in the choice of watches that added to her fashion accessories. She is truly a study in sartorial grace.

Though there is no way to find out what was Princess Diana’s most favored watch, by relying on hunches and clues on the number of occasions she chose to wear a watch, it seems reasonably correct to assume that a Patek Philippe Gold Watch is her beloved one.

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Ghosts of Christmases Past

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Author:  By Tony Hanmer

My most exotic Christmas yet was part of a holiday flying me from St Petersburg (home at the time) to Finland to Germany to Singapore and finally to Indonesia. There my father was overseeing the building of a new power station in south-east Java. The family flew on December 25th to another island, Lombok, and spent a few days on the beach and even visiting another island (well, the country has many thousands of them) instead of in snow and cold. We were wished “Merry Christmas to any Christians on board today!” by loudspeaker, the only time I have ever heard such an announcement on a flight. In a predominantly Muslim country yet.

The tensest moment on the initial journey came when I remembered something I had done as a joke some weeks earlier. You see, there was this marijuana plant growing wild and free, like a weed, in the Russian Urals city of Ufa! And I, laughing, picked a leaf as a souvenir, and pressed it in a book! And then... flew through Singapore, as mentioned! And then had to suppress terror at the thought of my stupid solitary drug leaf (I’ve never smoked the stuff) being discovered in Singapore, and a campaign starting to protest my upcoming execution for this “crime”! All true, but they never found the leaf. We were only in the airport for an hour or so. Whew.

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How environmentally friendly was 2011?

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Author:  By Salome Kobalava

The past year was environmentally tumultuous, bringing with it devastating floods and controversial reforms; some of which were accomplished and some have yet to be enforced. The year was also marked by the start of reforms in forestry and several ambitious projects in the hydro-energy sector which in turn sparked raging public debates and protests.

Georgia Today took a look at some of the milestone events that transpired in the environmental sector in 2011.

In March 2011, the former Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Georgia was reorganized into the Ministry of the Environment, as some of its major functions were scrapped and forwarded to a number of governmental bodies. The former Ministry of Energy of Georgia, now the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia was authorized to manage the natural resources of the country as a result of the reorganization.

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New series of articles to support learning of English

Georgia Today has acquired an exclusive license for the British Council’s Learn English Newspapers project

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Author:  By Nino Gelashvili

To encourage the learning of English, the British Council of Georgia in partnership with Georgia Today, will launch a long-term project in January of 2012 publishing a series of articles entitled LearnEnglish Newspapers.

The project, developed by the British Council’s English Language Teaching (ELT) experts in the UK, will target readers with a special interest in culture, those who need English in the workplace, professionals, children, parents, teachers of English, people interested in sports and many others.

According to Tamuna Kvachadze, ELT Projects Manager at British Council Georgia, LearnEnglish Newspapers is a series of high-quality articles and activities that will be used as inserts in national and regional newspapers and magazines, which will allow the British Council to establish partnerships with local media and reach a wider audience.

The goal, Kvachadze explained, is to help learners of English in Georgia who possess various and specific interests. “The British Council, which is an internationally recognized organisation, has developed high-quality resources for the benefit of the readers of the newspaper. The print format means that the articles can be read anywhere at any time,” she said.

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