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Tbilisi to Welcome Amirani Film Festival 2015

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Author:  Eka Karsaulidze

The 9th International Student Film Festival “Amirani” is set to be held in Tbilisi on June 2-6. 48 films from 21 countries will be shown during the Festival and it will also serve as a platform for workshops, presentations, experience exchanges and communication with leading experts from around the world.

“We are pleased to announce that every year the Festival is expanding geographically and increasing its authority,” said Mikheil Giorgadze, the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. “This is indicated by the large number of applications by young directors, which was accepted this year. The Amirani Film Festival is a unique platform and opportunity for young filmmakers to show off their talent, see others’ works and learn about the latest trends from the cinema world,” he added.

More than 50 film academies have applied to participate in the Amirani Film Festival and, following a thorough selection process, representatives from Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Argentina, the U.S., Poland, Belgium, Spain, Iran, Israel, Cuba, Canada, Australia and many other countries were chosen to present their works in the main competition program.

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“Fassbiner NOW” and Ever on the Occasion of Fassbinder’s 70th Anniversary

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Author:  Dr. Phil. Lily Fürstenow-Khositashvili

It is difficult to write about Rainer Werner Fassbinder because his medium is film and this is a text. It’s all the more difficult because his films are some of the most wonderful films made in film history and this text needs to match this high standard but lacks in format and space. However the feel of the film, the visual experience, can be translated into words. His films are about feelings, about the raw naked feel that strips bare the inner worlds of his protagonists entangled in hopeless love affairs, personal dramas derived from socio-historical circumstances, stuffy middle class post-war German milieus, historical conundrums, fate.

Protagonists driven to extremes, dead-ends, emotional breakdowns, tormented amid the flourishing facades of the so-called cosy “Wirtschaftswьnder” superficial after war well-being in provincial Germany and bigger cities – Fassbinder is about extremes expressed sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly - subversively through camera work, lighting, composition of images and sets, costume minutes, montage and close ups. Fassbinder created not only films but film stars for his films – Hanna Shygulla, Barbara Sukowa, Mario Adorf to name but a few – he brought their artistic potential to shine as Lili Marlen, Lola, corrupt city official – the roles that defined their further artistic careers and images they represented in cinema.

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Bonaparte’s Death Mask Now in Tbilisi

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Author:  Katie Ruth Davies

For one month residents and visitors to Tbilisi will have the chance to see Napoleon Bonaparte’s first-forged death mask at the Art Palace museum (Kargareteli Str. 6). It has been temporarily brought, along with other artifacts belonging to the Royal Dadiani family, from its home in the Dadiani Palace, Zugdidi.

One of only four in existence, the bronze death mask of French Emperor Napoleon I is said to have been made by Dr. Franзois Carlo Antommarchi, in the manner customary following the death of a great leader, using plaster which was carefully placed over Napoleon’s face and removed after hardening. From this mould the bronze masks, such as that now in Tbilisi, were cast. A lot of mystery and controversy surrounds the origins and whereabouts of most of the original cast moulds but the one now on display at the Art Palace museum is confirmed as the first and shows the seal of the Doctor at the neck.

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Exhibition: Sergo Parajanovi 21st Century Dream

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Author:  Tatia Megeneishvili

Tbilisi History Museum is hosting the exhibition “Sergo Parajanovi - 21st Century Dream” dedicated to master of cinema Sergei Parajanov until 16th of June which, according to organizers, is set to be one of the most interesting that has ever been held in Tbilisi.

In this exhibition, founders of Dream Museum (Kiev, Ukraine) Victoria Danielian and Tatiana Tsvelodub represent their interpretation of Parajanov’s life and his creativity. 

The exhibition is a complex multimedia collage-installation, uniting the exhibition hall space as a collection of myths, reflections, thoughts and memories about Parajanov, who was born in Tbilisi and is an integral part of Tbilisi history.

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First Tbilisi International Festival of Literature Launched in Georgia

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Author:  Eka Karsaulidze

Twenty famous contemporary writers gathered in Tbilisi to take part in the first literary festival in Georgia. Literature discussions, poetry jams, books presentations, workshops for students, poetry evenings, photo exhibitions and many other events were held in the framework of first Tbilisi International Festival of Literature (TIFL) on May 18-23.

Mikheil Giorgadze, the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia many times argued that Tbilisi has the potential to become the capital of festivals of the whole Transcaucasian region. During recent years, the number of cultural festivals significantly increased in Tbilisi. But аmong the large number of music, film and theater festivals, there was no literary one.

“Literature is one of the peculiarities of Georgian culture, so it can be a link between writers all around the world and raise the interest of the outside world towards Georgian literature. With this Festival, we provide writers an excellent platform to share experiences, build links and perhaps establish joint projects,” said Ketevan Dumbadze, Adviser to the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.

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