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TBC Announces Black Sea Jazz Festival Lineup and Dates

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TBC STATUS has announced that the Black Sea Jazz Festival will return for the ninth year in Batumi on July 23-26 and has given details of the performers expected to play there. Traditionally, the festival attracts a star-studded lineup and 2015 will be no exception, with George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, Liv Warfield feauturing the NGP Hornz, Lisa Stansfield and Snoop Dogg already confirmed.

The announcement was made at TBC Gallery at a press conference involving Vakhtang Buckhrikidze, General Director of TBC BANK, Mikheil Giorgadze, Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and Director of Eastern Promotion, Giorgi Kereselidze.

The concerts will be held in the Batumi Tennis Courts over four days. What’s more, music lovers will be able to attend free concerts by “New York Brass Brand.”

During the festival, in “Take Five” club, the House Band will stage concerts together with American musicians, guided by New York based Georgian musician, Giorgi Mikadze.

At the conference, Vakhtang Buckhrikidze expressed his willingness to continue participation in Black Sea Jazz Festival.

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Georgian Folklore – Keeping Heritage Alive

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On March 26, a new exposition ”Samoseli Pirveli” opened at the Folklore State Center of Georgia. The Center, which aims to direct state policy on folklore, is trying to protect representatives of Georgian folklore as well as patterns of unique Georgian heritage while enhancing its popularity in society. “To keep and protect this important treasure, to study, to realize and interpret, to introduce this biggest and oldest culture to the new generation is the main goal for the Folklore State Center of Georgia,” said Giorgi Donadze, the Director of the Center.

As well as Donadze, the organizers were the coordinator of this project Tsisana Marindashvili and Mia Nozadze, the manager. Before this latest exhibition was “The old traditional clothes” for which coordinator Tsisana was walking through the Georgian villages and was collecting clothes and other accessories which were used to create an interesting exhibition of village culture.

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The Academy Announces Daytime Emmy Nominations

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Author:  Beqa Kirtava

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced the nominees for the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. In case you didn’t know, the TV equivalent of the Oscars – the Emmys are divided into two parts, Daytime and Primetime Emmys, so the nominated TV shows, which were announced on March 31, all air between 2 am and 6 pm.

Starting off our list is the American soap opera General Hospital (GH), which is included in the Guinness World Records as the longest running soap opera in the history of the US. GH earned a total of 28 nominations, topping every other show at this year’s Daytime Emmys. Following closely is another US TV soap - The Young and the Restless, which nabbed 25 nominations. Not lagging too far behind are The Bold and the Beautiful (19) and Days of Our Lives (16).

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The Way of Light – Exhibition of Russian-Georgian Artist

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Author:  Nino Melikishvili

Omar Chkhaidze, one of the brightest modern artists who has created not only his own style and unsurpassed painting technique, but who is also the first to transfer light onto canvas. One may say with confidence that Omar Chkhaidze may be considered the creator of a new paradigm in art. For him, light is not only a physical phenomenon but a metaphysical substance. He has been painting this light for more than fifty years: seeing this spiritual light and living in it. This is his reality, which is created in a harmony of both soul and mind. That is the reason he positions himself as a realist in painting, to be more precise, a metaphysical realist.

His artworks are not abstract but concrete. Painting the light specifically, he transforms it into color and creates his own ontological picture of the world. Thanks to his technique, his oil paintings possess a vivid color and a unique transparent depth.

Born in Georgia on April 16, 1944, Chkhaidze graduated from the J. Nikoladze Art College, and later the Tbilisi Academy of Art. He has been participating in international art shows since 1964 and, in 1992, he moved to Moscow where, in 2000, he opened his gallery in the central Artist House to exhibit his artworks of various periods. Chkhaidze is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts and now the painter has achieved worldwide recognition.

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Charles University Make Space for Georgian Literature

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Author:  Nino Melikishvili

All avid readers and foreign literature lovers in Prague soon will be able to get to know and enjoy Georgian literature thanks to the opening of a Georgian book corner at Charles University, one of the oldest and largest universities in the Czech Republic.

The University was established in 1348 and was among the first universities in Central Europe.

According to sources, 50 Georgian books have already been brought to Prague. A further selection of books is on its way to Charles University.

“This is our initiative which is being implemented with the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Diaspora, and through donations from citizens,” Said Giorgi Kekelidze, Director of Georgia’s National Library.

The First Georgian book corners were opened in Istanbul, Kiev and Vienna. You will also meet book corners in other countries: France, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan and South Africa.

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The Americans are coming: Etseri, Svaneti

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Author:  Tony Hanmer

The day came at last. It was an event for which we had waited months, since “first contact”, wondered over, sorted out details for, answered and asked questions, and prepared for as best we could.

The Americans were coming. Now they’re here. To stay.

At the moment, they’re living in part of our eminently spacious house, a young couple with two beautiful, bubbly girls of preschool age. They had been drawn to Svaneti as a place where community development might be useful. She’s a nurse, he’s a linguist. Hearing about us, they visited and began considering actually moving up. You know, to stay. Downstairs at the moment, but eventually on the second floor, once our renovation crew return and finish that space, beginning after Easter.

We were delighted to see this process unfold and culminate as it has. As much as I love living here, and am adjusting well to it over the years, having more native English speakers to converse with on a daily basis is amazing -for me as well as for my Georgian wife, and niece. And we’re helping them adjust, looking back at our long journey so far and being available when the many inevitable questions arise.

Both professions will be useful up here. She is thinking about a clinic. Both are also interested in seeing the language and culture of the Svans flourish. (Come on, separatism paranoia people, stop looking for a conspiracy under every rock!)

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The Strategy of Culture Development Continues

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Author:  Nini Gegidze

The Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia is organizing meetings in different regions in order to attract people’s attention and to encourage them to be more involved.

On March 28, in Akhaltsikhe, the University of Samtskhe-Javakheti held a special conference. The topic was: “Georgian culture strategy: people, processes and priorities.” The conference was led by the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Mikheil Giorgadze and the deputy of Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Avtandil Macharashvili. The conference was attended by non-governmental organizations, the creative sector, initiative groups and people who were interested in culture.

Recommendations received during the Eastern Partnership Program meetings, as well as the advice given by the representatives of the creative sector, were taken into consideration while creating the guide, which was developed by the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Culture Program.

During the conference those present discussed a variety of topics including cultural heritage, the arts and creative industries.

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