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New art sculpture in Batumi receives criticism

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Author:  By Lika Moshiashvili

Locals in Georgia’s Black sea resort town of Batumi have recently disapproved of a new art installation placed in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The target of this criticism is Sea Slippers on Eggs, the work of French sculptor Lili Fantozzi, a self-educated 39 year-old sculptor and actress, whose works have been exhibited in contemporary art galleries in Paris, Vienna, New York and Brussels.

“I presented a miniature version of the sculpture (a pair of Keds on eggs), which is symbolic of the dangerous road for which this country has traveled in terms of reconstruction,” Fantozzi explained in one of her interviews.

Though the Georgian government decided to install the sculpture in Batumi, the idea of Keds shoes was changed into sea slippers, typical for a seaside city. According to Fantozzi, the model of the previous sculpture Keds on Eggs now adorns the cabinet of Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava.

The composition is 5.5 meters high with each egg being 1.6 meters high. The art has drawn interest from professionals as well. Teo Khatiashvili, a Georgian art critic, has associated this “eclectic” piece with tanks, as well as with Freud and other sexual content.

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Ensemble Martve sparkles at Georgian Art Evenings

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Author:  By Kate Lekishvili

Real patriotic spirit emanated from Tbilisi Concert Hall on November 13, as the hall hosted the ensemble Martve and the other members of the Folk Palace. The performances were organized within the project by the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection and aptly entitled Georgian Art Evenings.

About fifty members of Martve performed magnificent Georgian folk songs for the audience.

“Despite that it’s extremely difficult and almost impossible to create something new in folk music, the updated version of the program was presented to the audience,” Valeri Kutidze, the head of the ensemble, told Georgia Today.

For many of years, the ensemble has been searching for ancient national/traditional songs and has been trying to promote the findings; one of Martve’s main missions is not to lose the Georgian “genetics” that are materialized within every folk song. Songs which have been forgotten for many years or even songs that have not been heard anywhere were included in the concert schedule.

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Gia Bughadze again on display after three-year pause

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Author:  By Kate Lekishvili

It has been quite some time since so many guests have appeared at an exhibition opening. However, the exhibition of prominent Georgian painter Gia Bughadze held at the Tiflis Avenue gallery on November 16th attracted folks from all ages and professions including guests from various countries like India, Russia and Germany.

The exhibition, entitled Tondo, features approximately 120 works and will last through November 26.

The name of the event is derived from the author’s interest and love of 17th century Italian Renaissance art (Fiorelli, Botticelli and Michelangelo). All of whom used to create very interesting works in this way.

“Later, I’ve found out that such format paintings were called Tondo in Italy and they turned out to be very popular wedding gifts”, Gia Bughadze told Georgia Today.

However, there’s no connection between the Georgian painter’s works and the wedding: mythological and somehow allegoric scenes are presented on the canvases; the viewers will see works where daily life situations are painted with quite an interesting method. For instance, the first floor of the art center displays those paintings, where casual scenes are seen from the opened door.

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