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Change in management at ProCredit Bank Georgia

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Author:  By Ia Natsvlishvili

Bank Director Sascha Ternes, has been appointed as General Director of ProCredit Bank Georgia replacing Maya Meredova, according to a recent announcement.

“The changes in the management structure of the bank have been prepared over a long period of time. The strong increase in the management capacity of the institution marks an important step in the development of ProCredit in Georgia,” Philipp Pott, Chairman of the Supervisory Board said.

According to him, all newly promoted local managers have been trained at ProCredit Bank’s international management academies in Macedonia and Germany and have demonstrated their commitment towards providing ethical and development-based banking services to the population in Georgia.

“I have been a member of the management of ProCredit Bank, Georgia for over five-years now and I feel honored to have the opportunity to head such a unique institution,” Ternes said. “With the strong support of our team, I will make every effort to efficiently guide the bank towards implementing its goals and mission to provide reliable and socially responsible banking services, in line with the expectations of our shareholder.”

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Georgian aviation maintains course for greater region relevance

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Considering Georgia’s advantageous location and the government’s economic reforms targeted at developing the country’s tourism, transport and communication infrastructure, is it possible that Georgia is becoming the next regional leader in the transit field by acting as a key aviation corridor between Europe, the Middle East and the former Soviet countries?

Today, nearly 30 airlines operate in Georgia, almost 30 % of them entering the Georgian market in the last two-years.

According to data provided by the civil aviation agency, Georgia’s airports– which include Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and Svaneti, hosted 1,200,858 passengers in 2011. This represents growth of 30% compared with the previous year. 82% of passengers in Georgia use international carriers; only 18% use local carriers.

Georgia Today had the opportunity to speak with Nicolas Silva, Vice President of Marketing at AerCap, a leading independent aircraft leasing company headquartered in the Netherlands, and discuss Georgia’s current aviation climate, international trends in aviation and aspects of Georgia’s aviation industry that still need to be addressed.

AerCap, with approximately $11 billion in assets, is funded by a long-term capital structure that produces industry-leading profitability. AerCap provides its clients– often leading global carriers– with leasing, trading and asset management support.

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Manana Machitadze from Kutaisi wins $10,000 in TBC Bank lottery

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Author:  By Kate Lekishvili

There were a lot of people enjoying Lisi Lake Cafй on July 14, and at the first glance there was nothing special about that, as it is summer time and people frequently leave the overcrowded city and have a rest after a tiring week of work. However, upon closer observation, you would have noticed the set of the blue fans, and it doesn’t take much to associate this bright color with TBC Bank.

The point is that on Saturday evening, depositors of TBC Bank gathered in order to see whether they will be fortunate enough to receive the prize of $10,000 from their bank.

Guests were pleasantly surprised as their bank met them in a warm atmosphere, with live music and a table full stocked with tasty Swedish dishes and drinks. And most exciting… the lottery was waiting for them.

The winner was revealed with a simple but very fair, random, box principle, where the data of all depositors was put. Only those who had opened a TBC account from May 30 to June 30 and subsequently passed all three stages in the game, which was held on the bank’s web page (

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Antioxidants in beer

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Beer lovers adore evenings that are accompanied by a large glass of beer. There is no other beverage on the planet that has garnered as much admiration; and the beverage continues to evolve even today. Beer is not just an alcoholic beverage. The antioxidants contained in beer have proven to be favorable for human health, this according to

There are people who dislike beer’s taste, as well as its smell and prefer anything else over it. However, there is a lot about beer that is not disclosed to the public and therefore this beverage tends to be broadly misconstrued. People need to realize that if a food item is known for having negative effects it is also quite probably endowed with some positive aspects too… Antioxidants in beer are the answer to these dubious theories.

One thing that you might be unaware of is the fact that in reality, beer is good for your health. Studies have revealed numbers that exhibit a 30 to 60% reduction in the possibility of heart ailments in men and women who are regular consumers of beer. The same figures were quoted for people having heart disease and were regularly consuming beer. There is an inculcated nexus amid beer and diabetes which is how diabetes was curtailed by 36% in diabetic patients. Apart from this the bone structure is strengthened as beer comprises of silicon mandatory for developing robust bones.

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Affinitas Consulting – the bridge between Georgia and the rest of the world

Q & A with Luca Gorlero, Affinitas Consulting Managing Director

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Author:  By Kate Lekishvili

Grand ideas almost always come from random accidents.Not unlike Newton’s example where the fallen apple contributed to his greatepiphany, Managing Director of Affinitas Consulting firm, Luca Gorlero,also made a significant discovery through an unlikely series of events.

His friend Gianluca Marciano, the Director of the Tbilisi Opera Orchestra, told Luca about Georgia, describing it as a country that presented“ interesting opportunities” and invited him to visit.

Luca Gorlero began to collect information about Georgia and arrived well-informed with the goal to research the country further once he arrived.

Georgia’s emerging market turned out to be really interesting and attractive for Affinitas Consulting, which was created with the objective of connecting European and North American companies to emerging markets. The company offers international corporations in-depth knowledge of emerging market economies and provides well beyond simple market research, rather it helps its clients to enter new markets and pragmatically assists them at each stage in establishing reliable partners and channels where to distribute product and services.

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Mandarin farmers acquire modern practices, hope for larger crop yield

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Author:  By Tamar Khurtsia

Emzar Romanadze is from Legva, a village in Kobuleti, in west Georgia’s Adjara region. Like other locals, his family owns 0.5 hectres of land where he has a mandarin orchard and runs it as a small family business in order to make rural life in Georgia easier.

Every year, Romanadze faces constraints like the low quantity of crop yields and market quality, short post-harvest life and the low price of the mandarins. “Last year the harvest was so small that we could not cover expenses and decided to give up growing of mandarin,” he explained to the journalists who were visiting the Knowledge Plots of the mandarins arranged by the USAID-funded project Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) in the Adjara and Guria regions.

But after hearing about the EPI Mandarin Value Chain Training Program, launched in January 2012, which aims at addressing technological bottlenecks in production to boost quantity and quality, Romanadze decided to try growing the mandarins once again.

The EPI’s idea is that Romanadze can increase his income by adopting modern agricultural practices that he will acquire through the EPI training program for mandarin growers in the region.

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