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Tbilisi hosts European quality control event

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Author:  By Ia Natsvlishvili

In the hope that this event will contribute to the improvement of quality control in Georgia and help to raise awareness of Georgia, Tbilisi is hosting the 117th General Assembly of the European Organization of Quality (EOQ).

According to Grigol Kuntchulia, the EOQ representative and the President of the Georgian Quality Foundation, it is “very important” that Tbilisi is the venue for such a high profile event. Tbilisi’s rivals, he said, were Malta and Ankara, but the organizers still opted for the Georgian capital.

Set up in 1956, the EOQ is an independent, non-profit association known as a worldwide advocate for the development and management of quality in its widest sense.

The first founders of the organization were five western European countries: France, Italy, Western Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Currently it unites 40 Countries and 70, 000 members through its member organizations and links 500, 000 companies.

“Being a member of the EOQ, which Georgia joined it in 2005, means to be a part of the whole European family,” Kunchulia said. “While organizing this assembly, we hope to encourage the formation of modern and upscale standards of quality management systems within the Georgian community.”

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One day hospitality seminar in Tbilisi

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Author:  By Tamar Khurtsia

The Laureate Hospitality Education group (LHE), is holding a one day seminar on Hospitality Management Education Opportunities at the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel on November 18. The seminar focuses on how this segment impacts the economic growth of the country. The discussion will be followed by a thorough overview of all Laureate Hospitality Education opportunities.

The LHE one of the leading hospitality groups in the world. According to the organizers, the major objective of Laureate’s mission is to support the economic development of global tourism and hospitality by providing educational and consulting expertise to governments, industry and individuals seeking to develop their proficiency in the tourism sectors.

“Georgia represents a developing economy with a promising tourism infrastructure that is attractive to the global tourism market. We are interested in Georgia because the initial design and development of its tourism infrastructure is a critical stage that will determine Georgia’s level of economic success in the tourism business sector,” said David Horrigan, PhD speaking on Radiokalaki’s daily business talk show.

The seminar will be lead by Horrigan, who is the Director at the Center of Marketing Excellence in Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management and LRG Consulting, a market research and consulting group on the campuses of Glion Institute of Higher Education and LRG University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

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