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Sachkhere Mountain Training School

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The First Deputy Minister of Defence, Nodar Kharshiladze, visited Sachkhere Mountain Training School on July12. Along with the Ambassador of France to Georgia, Erik Furnie, the Deputy Minister opened the PfP (Partnership for Peace) status board. Sachkhere Mountain Training School received PfP status several months ago. Thus, new standard training courses will be launched there in summer and autumn.

While visiting Sachkere Military base the guests were briefed on the development process and scheduled trainings at the school.

Under PfP status, the school will train the military units of NATO and its partner countries’ armed forces. In September, the instructors of Mountain Training School will conduct the mountain training basic summer course for the military servicemen of NATO countries. The central part of the course consists of the practical exercises. Its aim is to provide soldiers with basic mountaineering skills and enable them to master operating in a mountain environment.  The exercise will be conducted in English and the students will be provided with the appropriate mountaineering equipment during training.

Under the schedule of training, military servicemen from Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will undergo training in Sachkhere Mountain Training School, as well as Georgian personnel.

The mountain exercises are conducted in six various specified training areas. Each area’s terrains are prepared by the French and Georgian mountain instructors where safety measures are paramount. The training will be mainly conducted by Georgian military servicemen. The school instructors were prepared under a three-year program run by the French mountain instructors group. They underwent summer, as well as winter training courses. Since 2009, the mountain instructors have been improving their skills at the High Mountain Training School in France (EMHM).   


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