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Military Exercise “Vaziani 2011”

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The task-oriented field exercise “Vaziani 2011” was held on Vaziani firing range. The military exercise involved various units of the Georgian Armed Forces.

The goal of the field exercise was to improve the interoperability of the combined forces in defensive combat and to streamline command and control in the subordinate units.

The military training included four phases. The first two phases included preparation period and field tactical exercises. The third phase of the excises – battalion-level field-tactical training – was held on April 30.

A special program was developed for the military exercise. According to the program scenario, the major aim of the exercise was to prevent the enemy from gaining a bridgehead for the main forces and from developing its offensive further.

“Vaziani 2011” was a large-scale exercise participated in by the aviation, infantry, artillery, engineering and tank units of the Georgian Armed Forces. In total, the field exercise involved 678 military servants and 79 various pieces of military equipment.

The exercise was commanded by the Deputy Chief of JS of GAF, LTC Giorgi Kalandadze, responsible to report to the Supreme-Commander of GAF, Mikheil Saakashvili, Defence Minister Bacho Akhalaia and Chief of JS of GAF, Gen.-Maj. Devi Chankotadze.

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili attended the military exercise with his younger son Nikoloz. He congratulated Georgian military servicemen on the Georgian Armed Forces Anniversary: “I would like to congratulate you on the successful completion of this military exercise. Today we have witnessed once more that in spite of the effort of our opponent forces to demolish our Armed Forces, demoralize our combat personnel – our officers, our soldiers, our corporals, our sergeants – we have managed to maintain their combat spirit and strength, but also managed to continue and hasten the modernization process recently. We don’t have any illusions about who is our enemy. Of course, the rival is hypothetical in each exercise. But all of us know very well who intervened in Georgia, who is occupying certain Georgian territories, who has further aggressive plans towards Georgia. You all know quite well that you are the main defenders of Georgia. Of course, when a country is in trouble and under attack, each citizen becomes a soldier; each citizen becomes a protector of his motherland. But you are the major front and decisive line of our defence, the most important guarantor of the country’s future.

This is why we continue the full support of our Armed Forces, and modernization at maximum rates, and we will continue until the Georgian Armed Forces are very well trained, equipped with high standards and ready to carry out all tasks and overcome all challenges that we face.

“I would like to express gratitude once more and continue working in this way. I know that the Georgian Armed Forces have undergone a range of serious reforms recently. I keep an eye on this process and work on its improvement enduringly. Of course, each month, each week, each day should be innovative for the development of the Georgian Armed Forces for the welfare of our people”.

Georgian Defence Minister Bacho Akhalaia also congratulated the Georgian soldiers on their professional day and commented on the importance of the military exercise: “Today’s event is very important for each of us. Today we have held one of the ordinary exercises coincided with the Anniversary of Georgian Armed Forces. Within its context the exercise is close to real combat operations. So this training really takes after combat activities”.

One of the most important components of the training was the assessment team. Military servicemen from the Training and Military Education Command monitored the exercise on the battalion, company, platoon and squad level.

The head of the exercise Deputy Chief of JS of GAF, LTC Giorgi Kalandadze explained the details of the training: “In the exercise we introduce innovation by which the units participated in the training were shown on an electronic map by CTP. This means that we can see interactions between our units and the enemy online by UAV. By this system we also have the possibility of controlling Georgian airspace and aircraft activities wholly in the operational region. The exercise was held successfully. I can sum up that our units are ready for a fast reaction.”

In connection with the anniversary of the Georgian Armed Forces Day, 200 military servicemen were given service awards.


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