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Cadets Military Lyceum

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The Cadets Military Lyceum began its new academic year on September 15. The military institution began the academic year with several new innovations. This year the cadets will study a third foreign language (Turkish) along with other standard compulsory foreign languages (English and Russian). Second and third-year cadets will also undergo a TOEFEL program.

The period to obtain and submit the required documents for entrance into the Lyceum Academy was from June 16 to July 4. After successfully finishing the basic educational phase (IX grade) in general educational institutions, 769 students applied to the Lyceum. After undergoing medical examinations, only 618 perspective students made it to the final entrance phase. Out of 618 applicants, 110 students were selected on the basis of the testing results, conducted in two stages - physical preparation and logical aptitude skills. For the 2011-2012 academic years, a total of 352 will receive their education at the academy.

The educational process at the Cadets Military Lyceum is carried out on the basis of the National Curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education and Science and an additional military program. In parallel with the general educational program, additional military disciplines are also taught at the Lyceum; these include fire, tactical, engineer, physical and drilling preparation, topography-navigation, first medical aid, humanitarian law on armed conflicts and military history.  In order to achieve an effective educational process, seven departments in each curriculum have been created in the Cadets Military Lyceum.

The Cadets Military Lyceum is a kind of boarding house providing the cadets with adequate accommodation, nutrition, medical service and textbooks. Upon graduation the students will be awarded with certificates of secondary education.

The Lyceum offers the best working environment, based on a secure, interactive and respectful relationship among the personnel which is insured by the set structure of the Lyceum. 

The Cadets self-governance body is also functioning at the Cadets Military Lyceum and consists of various committees including the Lyceum administration, the committee of public affairs, as well as sports and esthetical education. During the academic year, cadet Olympiads and creative educational conferences also take place. The goal of the military school is to develop the intellectual, cultural, physical and moral features of the cadet and to enable the cadet to be able to easily adapt to social life and engage in both the civil and military service of the country.


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