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Military Parade 2011

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On the 26th of May, Independence Day was officially announced by the recorded voice of the prominent Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli.

The military parade, which was dedicated to Georgia’s Independence Day, was commanded by the Chief of Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF), Maj.-Gen. Devi Chankotadze.

Before the appearance of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Georgian Armed Forces Mikheil Saakashvili, the Chief of Joint Staff of the GAF gave the command for readiness for the military parade. He then reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief that the military personnel were lined-up, and then the president and the army greeted one another. Upon receiving the order, Georgia’s military personnel took “at ease” position. There was a minute of silence and then the president began his speech… By the end of the speech, the president granted “Brilliance Awards” to the following people:

1. Rusudan Petviashvili
2. Vakhtang Machavariani
3. Tariel Chanturia
4. Rezo Gabriadze
5. Otar Zurabishvili
6. Natela Zhordania
7. Rejeb Zhordania
8. Tamar Chkhenkeli
9. Gogita Vashadze
10. David Sakvarelidze
11. David Lortkipanidze
12. Arvidas Sabonis
13. Tamar Kvesitadze
14. Mamuka Gvaramia
15. Genadi Qachibaia

The Vakhtang Gorgasali III Rank Order was awarded to

Corporal Sadghobelashvili Ilia
1st Lieutenant Tsirdava Tengiz
and Major Kutkhashvili Slava

For the first time in the history of military parades and within the framework of the formal ceremony, the graduates of the National Defence Academy took the military oath. Ninety-four graduates, only one woman among them, knelt down and swore the oath of allegiance. After the ceremony, they were granted the rank of Lieutenant. After the military parade, they will continue serving in the various units of the Georgian Armed Forces.

After the oath-taking ceremony, the Georgian National Anthem was performed. The anthem was sung by Georgian singer Nini Badurashvili and was accompanied by the Defence Ministry’s military band.

The commander of the military parade gave instructions concerning the parade that meant the regrouping of personnel, giving them direction of movement and the keeping of distance. The standard-bearers started moving in a straight line and the rest to the right.

The military parade was opened by the column of standard-bearers led by Deputy-Chief-of-Staff of the GAF, Col. Arsen Tsukhishvili. The military personnel were carrying the flags of the Georgian state and various branches of the Georgian Armed Forces. The column was manned with personnel from the ceremonial company.

The standard-bearers were followed by the students of the Cadets Military Lyceum, who took part in the military parade for the first time. The Cadets Military Lyceum started functioning in the beginning of the current academic year (September 13, 2010). The educational institution was formally unveiled by the president of Georgia. The idea of the reestablishment of the Cadets Lyceum belongs to Mikheil Saakashvili. Right now, the Cadets Military Lyceum comprises 297 students. It fully complies with international standards and the cadets enjoy free medical service, adequate messing, various kinds of uniforms, as well as school equipment. Along with the general educational program, they are intensively familiarizing themselves with military life and undergo rigorous physical preparation.

The march was continued by the military personnel of the Joint Staff and Land Forces Command.

They were followed by military personnel from the Training and Military Education Command. Military units of the Land Forces also marched at the Parade. Parade was led by the commanders of military units of the I Infantry Brigade, II Infantry Brigade, III Infantry Brigade, IV Infantry Brigade, Separate Light Infantry Battalion, I Artillery Brigade, II Artillery Brigade, Engineering Brigade, Separate Communication Battalion, aviation sub-units of land forces, National Guard and special operation forces.

The parade also featured various types of armored vehicles, among them a new armored vehicle “Didgori” that appeared at the military parade for the first time, also Hammer Type Armored Vehicle, Armored Vehicle “Cobra”, Armored Vehicle “Wolf”, Armored-Vehicle, Armored Vehicle “Ejder”, Artillery System “MTSA”, Artillery System “Giatsint”, self-propelled artillery system “DANA” Multiple Rocket Launcher “RM-70.

The parade was wrapped up by over flight of various types of aviation: Helicopter UH-1H, Helicopter MI-8, Helicopter MI-24, High Performance Jet “L-39”, Jet Aircraft SU-25.


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