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18.11.11 - 24.11.11


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Ensemble Martve sparkles at Georgian Art Evenings

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Real patriotic spirit emanated from Tbilisi Concert Hall on November 13, as the hall hosted the ensemble Martve and the other members of the Folk Palace. The performances were organized within the project by the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection and aptly entitled Georgian Art Evenings.

About fifty members of Martve performed magnificent Georgian folk songs for the audience.

“Despite that it’s extremely difficult and almost impossible to create something new in folk music, the updated version of the program was presented to the audience,” Valeri Kutidze, the head of the ensemble, told Georgia Today.

For many of years, the ensemble has been searching for ancient national/traditional songs and has been trying to promote the findings; one of Martve’s main missions is not to lose the Georgian “genetics” that are materialized within every folk song. Songs which have been forgotten for many years or even songs that have not been heard anywhere were included in the concert schedule.

One of the landmarks of the evening was the song - Shen bicho Anagurelo (you boy from Anaguria), which is not easy to perform, as it requires special vocal skills. According to Kutidze, Martve has been “lucky” to find an 11 year-old boy who has all the skills essential for this song.

Along with Martve, other members of the Georgian Folk Palace including the youth ensemble Rustavi, headed by Pridon Sulaberidze and the Erqvani ensemble participated in the concert.

For the audience, the evening turned out to be a very impressive show, as the organizers managed to accomplish a unique combination of Georgian dance, song and oral speech; additional charm was achieved through the decorative use of national folk instruments.

In the end, the concert made a strong impression on the folk art loving audience, leaving no audience member indifferent to Georgian folk art.

The organizers of Georgian Art Evenings promise to prepare lots of interesting concerts full of Georgian spirit.

Georgian Art Evenings is a joint project carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection together with Tbilisi Concert Hall.

During the special press conference held on November 10, the organizers declared that within the framework of the project, concerts with the participation of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre troupes, as well as Georgian folklore groups will be held at the end of each week through May, 2012.

The legendary Georgian Folk Song and Dance Academic Ensemble Erisioni will hold a concert on November 18, at the grand stage of the Tbilisi Concert Hall.

By Kate Lekishvili


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