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Policy Forum Discusses Ways to Improve Teaching Quality

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The Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, in cooperation with UNICEF, the Embassy of Estonia in Georgia and the World Bank has organized a new policy forum, during which ways of improving teacher education and professional development, increasing efficiency of the teacher workforce, and enhancing the status of the teaching profession are being discussed.

The numerous attendees include international experts, national policy makers, education specialists and international donors, who will all provide vital recommendations and solutions regarding the issues related to teacher development in the country.

The support of UNICEF and the Estonian Government has helped the Ministry of Education and Science to make significant improvements in terms of increasing teaching quality. At the same time, it is recognized that gradual and continual developments are needed in order to ensure that teachers are well-qualified and maximally effective.

“The Government of Georgia needs to take more decisive actions towards further improvements in teaching quality and system efficiency. Good teachers mean good students and good students make an efficient and competitive workforce that contributes to the country’s economy and is essential for its growth and development,” said Sascha Graumann, UNICEF Representative in Georgia.

The forum will place special emphasis on discussing the five major factors which influence the quality of teachers most. These aspects are: 1) accessibility of in-service training to all teachers, especially those working in disadvantaged regions and schools; 2) an effective incentive system to encourage qualified teachers to work in disadvantaged schools; 3) an institutionalised mechanism of teacher induction and support in the first two years; 4) increased efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching and learning process and 5) substantial increase in the salaries of teachers.

“We are glad to see the strong emphasis being placed on improving the quality of teachers in Georgia. This is evidenced by the recent reforms led by the Ministry of Education and Science in the development of teacher professional standards and the improvement of teacher incentives. This forum provides a good platform for us to take stock and continue our concerted efforts to improve Georgia’s teaching force,” stated Henry Kerali, World Bank Regional Director for the South Caucasus.

Beqa Kirtava


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