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LeavingStone – First Georgian Company to Become Partner of Google

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A Georgia-based digital media marketing and application development company operating since 2008, LeavingStone has become Google’s first partner from the Caucasus region, stated the company on October 15. The partnership is multifunctional, but as the representatives state, the key feature is that it allows for direct connection with Google’s marketing.

LeavingStone specializes in creating digital marketing campaigns, managing digital advertising channels and developing web-based software solutions that are integrated with different mobile and online platforms like iOS, Android, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it provides digital media marketing and branding consultancy as a service that has become an integral part of marketing communications for successful companies.

The partnership will require the Georgian company to make certain changes to meet Google’s standards. The amendments include training and certification of marketers working on advertisement. In addition to successfully implementing advertising campaigns, it is important to monitor them, which is one of the main criteria of the partnership.

In order to become a partner, LeavingStone had to meet four basic requirements including company history of at least 90 days, advertising budget, passing two special exams and presenting strong advertising results.

This partnership also solved the problems faced by Georgian ads at the Google Adwords advertising platform, which gives the possibility to prevent blocking ads for a certain period of time, and also solved the problem of Unicode, so from now on Georgian ads will be just as perceptible as ads of other languages.


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