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03.04.15 - 09.04.15


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Kids Today

“Children are one third of our population and all of our future,” says the quote. Bearing this in mind and aiming to develop critical thinking in children, Georgia Today came up with the idea to create a new product. That’s how Kids Today appeared on the newspaper market back in October 2005.

It was an unprecedented venture, the first English-language children’s newspaper in Georgia. “We wanted to make something great for our talented children. We wanted to help them with their English and we wanted to make them feel special,” Eka Tsereteli, Manager of Kids Today, expressed.

The project worked, and with all their efforts and love for children, the Kids Today editorial staff created 33 issues full of useful texts, exercises, interesting and educational articles, quizzes decorated with pictures and colorful characters created by Kids Today designer, artist Ruso Chikvaidze. Open for new ideas, Kids Today reserved a special Reader’s Corner to publish compositions and letters of its dear readers.

Striving for development and innovation, Kids Today took another unprecedented step and launched the Future Journalist Project. Ten pupils were selected from different schools in Georgia and put in the shoes of real journalists for four weeks. After ten meetings with top officials of different governmental organizations, businesses, and media, they got down to work and produced ten articles published in this special issue of Kids Today.

Georgia Today and Kids Today would like to extend gratitude to all organizations that supported the idea and contributed to turning this project into an unforgettable experience for children. Special thanks to: Mr. Igael Porecki, Hotel Tbilisi Marriott, Ms. Bela Tsipuria, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Ms. Lena Milosevic, British Council Georgia, Ms. Giovanna Barberis, UNICEF, Mr. Nika Kavtaradze, Imedi-TV, Ms. Nunu Bendukidze and Mr. Jumber Khatiashvili, Vake Swimming Pool, Mr. Ersel Goral and Mr. Guclu Batkin, TAV Georgia, Ms. Victoria Shtorm and Mr. Davit Lomjaria, Pepsi Co., Ms. Rowena Cross-Najafi, the US Embassy in Georgia, and Mr. Philip Sigwart, ProCredit Bank.

With this special issue and ten articles by future journalists, Kids Today wants to thank its loyal readers and say good-bye to them till September, when it will resume working and prepare an even better paper, present more innovative and interesting projects, and keep the same enthusiasm in working for the future generation of Georgia.

“We promise a completely revamped format, more interesting content, and what is most important, a Kids Today website that will enable interactive cooperation and closer links between the newspaper and young readers,” George Sharashidze, General Manager of Georgia Today outlined. “As for the Future Journalist Project, it was so successful that from September we plan to widen its scale, increase the number of interns, and reach out to more regions of Georgia.”

So, enjoy your summer holidays and with the start of new school year look for the absolutely new and even more fascinating Kids Today.

Mariam Kobaladze

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